Hair look: The coolest accessories

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Du-rag’s, hair clips and headbands are the coolest accessories right now and they’re ready to embellish your hairstyles in any moment of the day.
It really does look like the 90’s are back, and so are maxi headbands and hair clips, bringing back the emotions of our youth.

The du-rag, typical bandana coming from the rap world and symbol of black pride, has become a must-have for next season: Tom Ford, Dior, Max Mara and many other fashion icons introduced them in their new collections as fundamental adornment in several outfits. This new glamorous accessory is apparently simple but actually takes some experience to style: just think of the complex and precise technique to tie it!

Another mania that was born on catwalks are wonderful and funny hairclips. The most desirable ones are by Dior and Chanel, with the logos of the two brands standing out among locks of hair. There are also more casual and cheaper clips, with lettering such as “Baby”, “Star” or “Love”, very cute if worn laterally, with your hair parted in the middle, for a super fashionable result!

Last but not least, the headband. How could we forget it? It is coming back mostly in its maxi version, either in velvet, silk or leather, strictly monocolour: it has already become the iconic bon ton accessory of the moment. Prada and Miu Miu decided to enrich headbands with beautiful Swarovsky crystals, for a princess-like look.

Many influencers have already showed off their huge headbands through pictures on social networks.
What about you, what’s your favourite accessory?


Elena Tamborini

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