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Let’s say you are in Rome and you are taking a walk in the center when at some point an unstoppable desire for Roman cuisine rises. Cacio e pepe, carbonara e amatriciana. What to choose? And above all, where to go? da  Felice a Testaccio, obviously!

Open since 1936, the restaurant has always belonged to the Trivelloni family and is now a piece of history in Rome. The restaurant owes fame to its founder, Felice Trivelloni, one of the best-known Roman hosts, who is said not to have made all those people who didn’t like him sit in his restaurant. Ora, Da Felice a Testaccio is one of the top restaurants for those who want to enjoy the good company and excellent Cacio e Pepe. Cacio e Pepe in fact, is the protagonist of the menu and all eyes are for her when she is brought to the table, the show of the waiters who mix it directly on the plate is all to be enjoyed!

The other dishes of the Roman tradition are no less important: bucatini amatriciana, carbonara, saltimbocca alla romana, chicken cacciatore and so on. Mind you, if the location doesn’t seem to have the style of the typical trattorias in Rome, don’t worry, the food is 100% Roman tradition. The restaurant is in fact very modern, but warm and welcoming to spend a nice evening in serenity!

Furthermore, from 2017 Felice a Testaccio has opened a second restaurant in Milan, where you can enjoy the best Roman cheese and pepper also in the north!


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