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Ever since the world learned that Zendaya would make a movie in lockdown, it has been patiently waiting to know where and when she would see it. At the news that Malcolm & Marie would be released on February 5 on Netflix, countless rumors about the plot and the location made the Web chatter. And it is the walls of this California villa that are the real protagonist. The Caterpillar House, as it is called, frames the complicated story of Malcolm & Marie.

Zendaya, aka Marie, begins a verbal duel about her stance around her husband, Malcolm (John David Washington). Dialogues are ranging on issues such as racism and stereotypes of American culture. All in a retro atmosphere in black and white, which smoothes the film, without ever leaving the Caterpillar House, except in the outdoor area.

Yes, because the film was shot during the pandemic. And the best way to ensure safety for the whole crew was to choose a location. Only one. The house chosen is award-winning architecture in Carmel on the central coast of the Cali of the Hills. In the film, we see it entirely in black and white, in the moonlight. The whole story takes place in a single night and in a single space, almost as if it respected a Greek tragedy’s canons. But in a reality, far from the camera, the rooms of this house are nourished by a natural light that is part of the design and which in its way gives life to the furnishings.


The Caterpillar House is the perfect example of green architecture. It is a LEED Platinum house, which is entirely sustainable from an environmental point of view. In fact, despite being located on a property of over 8000 hectares, only 10% of these are intended for construction. At the same time, the remaining part was dedicated to the preservation of the local flora.

However, in Malcolm & Marie, the green character is not the key element. Rather, it is form and position that shine.The house enjoys a remote location, beautiful landscaping, dramatic night glass walls, and a unique modern design,” said its architect Jonathan Feldman.The Caterpillar House owner was willing to shoot the film during the pandemic because she has a separate cottage that she could retreat to while the crew was at home.”

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