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At the beginning of the year, the months January / February are the most interesting for fashion addicts. Many fashion shows and many fashion-themed events. But this year there is a little news in the English house. After Brexit and Megxit (article here), here comes Burbexit. What do we mean? The British fashion house Burberry has decided this year to aim elsewhere and to show the 2020-21 men’s / women’s collection in China. The brand led by Riccardo Tisci is preparing to fly to Shanghai in February and will only be the beginning of a succession of events that will see the Asian people protagonist.
The défilé’s appointment is scheduled for April 23, although the location still remains top secret, after a first revelation in London in co-ed mode during the London Fashion Week in February. The Shanghai fashion show will however present new looks exclusively designed for the Chinese market, which turns out to be the most important for the maison.
The choice will not only include the fashion show but as mentioned above, other events such as the celebrations for the Lunar New Year of the Mouse, with an online game and a dedicated capsule collection, and then the opening of a highly technological “social” boutique in the bay of Shenzhen.
The fashion show will only be the icing on the cake. Among other things, it will also be the first away fashion show for the designer Riccardo Tisci, at the helm of the English Maison since 2018: “I can’t wait to celebrate Burberry and its new course in one of the most innovative and stimulating cities in the world” .

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