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Even if a few years have passed you will surely remember them. Today we want to talk about it again. We are sure that as soon as you see them again you will immediately go looking for them.
Don’t worry, we will also provide you with the sites where you can buy them. We are talking about the Air Max 1 Atmos version “Jade” or more simply of the Elephant.
These Nike inspired by the elephant skin, released in 2007 and presented again in 2017.

Hirofumi Kojima, creative director of Atmos, has repeatedly told how the idea of the press elephnat was born.

Where did the inspiration come from?

Nike Japan wanted to create something extravagant and crazy, so together with Atmos and its staff, it decided to focus on animal prints but not an already seen but an entirely innovative one: the elephant skin.
Koji imagined an elephant in the wild bathing in water and hence the idea of ​​using the jade color for swoosh. This naturalistic look was always a desire of the designer and thanks to this collaboration he succeeded in making it.
In this way the “Safari” line already started by Nike has not been interrupted.

The success was so overwhelming that the Air Max 1 Elephant was included among the 100 Air Max icons, so that they could be repeated 10 years after the first release.
Where can you find them?

The sites that we recommend are the classic eBay  and Amazon , to be calm.
Otherwise in some resell stores like Big Soup in Rome and Dropout in Milan.

The cost?
Obviously it varies greatly depending on your number.


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