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We are on Lamu Island in Kenya. A tiny reality made up of 20 thousand people. Poverty, misery and hunger affect 1 in 2 people. There is no need for big calculations to understand that in this corner of paradise the word poverty concerns everyone, very few the excluded.
Lack of water and food, poor hygiene, lack of health have had tragic consequences for the island’s inhabitants.

Maria Vittoria Cusumano, Svetla Rantcheva and Vivia Ferragamo 

The NGO ANIDAN since 2002 offers assistance in the heart of Africa. It takes commitment, dedication, courage and a great soul to fight these evils personally.
ANIDAN with the help of its volunteers has managed to build over the years a House of Hospitality in which over 280 children victims of abuse or orphans have found hospitality and a Pediatric Hospital that offers assistance to all the needy children.
Within the non-profit organization children have the opportunity to escape from mistreatment, exploitation, work and early marriages to devote themselves to gaming and study.
This reality has moved and inspired Vivia Ferragamo who wanted to act personally to give these women an opportunity and a future.
Thus the “Vivia for Love” project was born.
The goal is to train women living in Lamu in conditions of extreme poverty in the sartorial sphere. These ladies are the mothers of the children welcomed by ANIDAN or the girls raised in the Reception House. In the Tailoring Workshop the girls learned how to sew and make the clothes designed by Vivia herself.

Only local fabrics are used to create skirts, bags and dresses. Every product has a story to tell.
The aim of the project is to take a step forward in charity, creating a participatory space.
Women have the opportunity to learn a job and provide for themselves and their family’s livelihood. This ensures a future for people and not just temporary help.
“Each skirt made is a story woven between those who created it with their hands and their will to put themselves to the test with a new self-awareness and who will wear it, to give space to their desire to do something to change the world, or a very small part of the world … Because doing good, loving, creating and sharing are beautiful, serious and important concepts. Especially today, especially here. “

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