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An epochal night in Cinecittà for the homage to Renato Balestra planned by Altaroma. I was there, still a bit moved for the words of the great designer, who, during the press conference, revealed to be “nervous and excited like never in his life” for the event. A declaration which I considered humble and full of grace, the same grace that we admired on the catwalk at night, in an unique scenario: the ancient Rome, right where some of the greatest blockbusters ever, such as Cleopatra, Ben Hur or Mel Gibson’s The Passion were filmed.

An incredible set for one of the most significant people that lived and worked in Rome in the last 50 years. Picture a défilé composed of 69 pieces, ranging from the creations of the 60’s – Balestra’s historical archive- up to the latest collection, in front of the ancient Roman Senat and the temple of Jupiter, among columns, bas-relief and huge statues. Something absolutely crazy. For me it was an indescribable emotion to see all these wonderful models worn by the most elegant women in the world, dresses that marked an era and that, today, incredible to say, have lost nothing.

It was enough to glance at the audience for just a second to understand the effect that the night was having: each piece would attract us in a way that is very hard to explain. We weren’t just watching a fashion show: it was like looking at the designer’s memories, like entering the dream of his past, from the beginning in via Gregoriana until jet sets and oriental princesses. Even his legendary wedding gowns were there. Eight of them, super glamorous, with gatherings and tulle on the skirt, which were obviously welcomed by a moved clapping.

And the iconic Blaestra blue was there, showed in the first model that launched such an unique colour, halfway between ink blue and the colour of sky right before dawn. Big emotions even as regards the new collection: feminine as always, young and trendy but perfectly merged in the Italian sartorial tradition. As regards this, Balestra will never let us down. Light lines, bright colours, zebra-inspired patterns.

Unforgettable night gowns with embroideries and jewels, beautiful long dresses, loose and super chic, some enriched by precious decorations on one shoulder, some other by a multicoloured silk satin drape. A wonderfully poetic night that I will never forget.

Outfit Maria Vittoria Cusumano
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