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I mostly love this job for one reason: it gives me the possibility to get in touch with new ideas and extraordinary people and to find out about products that often surprise me. When does that happen? How do I notice something is great? When my idea of what a cream, a dress or a bag should be suddenly acquires a new and unexpected shade. Well, that has just happened with my idea of nail polish: I had my idea and now it changed, thanks to a line of products I’ve only recently discovered. Can a nail polish be easy to use, nice to look at, good-smelling, super efficient, vivid and, moreover, with certified bio ingredients, eco-friendly and not tested on animals, with a 10 free formulation? Yes it can, thanks to Faby .

The Brand was officially launched in 2013  and since then it has gone through a great path that led it to a chromatic offer, a quality and love for nail care that has few equals in Italy (thanks to Mr Viale, the brand’s owner); just try it and see. These nail polishes are the end of the world, and so are their original names, always inspired to an interesting story. Like, for example, one of my favourite ones, the Pool party, a pure pastel green, incredibly easy to apply and perfect for a classy and funny look ,moreover you can’t miss the Save the date, a creamy homage to dove grey of the P/E 2017 I’M FABY,  and finally the Luxury, from Faby Posh collection: a purple-red sexy and dynamic shade, but still more introvert than A long summer (which is just great). To the most daring of you I propose a special line: the Joy collection (my favourite one is Frieds 4ever, a bright pomegranate red; but I’m a bit traditional, maybe you can find funnier and more daring shades). Another great line is the one that was recently presented in the Bologna Cosmoprof, the Faby Nature, 6 beautiful shades with 87% natural ingredients (and you know how much I care about this aspect). I love how easily these polishes can be applied, and how easily they can be removed, to immediately apply a new colour. They are so many and so cool that you would never stop. Finally, even the beauty and manicure products line by Faby is amazing too. I’ve tried anything, such as the nail thinner and the perfume oil pen you should always carry in your bag: even their reinforcing treatment puts me in a good mood! Here, I found the perfect words to describe my new idea of nail polish: colours and ingredients that put me in a good mood. Good-smelling, rich, natural and sexy. Go Faby!

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