Magic: The Gathering. Let the search for the One Ring begin.

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Here we go again. Richard Garfield threw yet another bomb. The Wizard plunges into the fantastic world of the Lord of the Rings, creating a collectible version of his already famous Magic The Gathering. There are numerous cards with spectacular designs and a gem of extreme rarity; the ring of Power.

We are in 1991, and instead of going out and having fun outside the house like all the cool friends of the school, my classmates and I started buying strange cards that come from America. They have beautiful designs and descriptions that Tolkien raised. The game starts simply with a starter pack and then becomes infinitely complex. There are expansions and different decks, and each card has its specific function and its rarity.

In the world of Magic Cards, the first card game in the world, you take the reins of an army (the deck) and collide with one or more opposing wizards. Not only do those who have more money and have been able to buy more cards win, but above all, those who manage to create a game strategy that surprises the opponent and leads him to defeat.

Since Magic cards were created, they have become like the bag of us little nerds. Depending on the card’s version and rarity, values exceeding $ 22,000 can be reached.


To date, there are 5 rarer cards :

Black lotus – 22,000 euros
Mox Sapphire – 5,500 euros
Time walk – 3,300 euros
Ancestral Recall – 2,000 euros
Mox Emerald – 1,700 euros
All this, however, could change. In fact, on June 23 (but in pre-salt even now on Amazon), Magic The Gathering, The Lord of the Rings, and Tales of the Middle Earth will be released.

A new adventure journey of unexpected value that combines the classic card game with a spectacular novelty. In one of the packages of the collector boost, it will be possible to find the only ring of power. You understood correctly. The ring will be the only ring of power found in one Collector Booster in English.

This card will be serialized 001 by 001.

I bought a package at a modest cost of 42 euros to be able to dream. The value of this phantom card is expected to reach peaks never seen before. Wizard herself says that the probability of finding the ring is less than 0.00003% without counting that it is not even said that someone finds it.

Many collectors buy expansion packs to keep them Sealed and increase their value to resale.

The last gem, in Italy, the large game groups have already moved and have offered a size of 250,000 euros for those who will find the card and give it to the Nerd’s Covo.

Now enjoy the official presentation pending the official launch.

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