Goodbye to “like” and “Following” of Instagram in America

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Latest news from the social world of Instagram. After the announcement of wanting to remove the filters that modify the face with the effects of plastic surgery (the article here), Instagram has decided to eliminate the “likes” from the photos even in America. This was announced by Adam Mosseri, CEO of the popular social network, owned by Facebook, during the Wired24 conference.
The basic idea is always the same, to make your followers concentrate on the content you share, not how many I like. In Italy, these tests started in recent months and then expanded to all users of the social network. Other countries already interested in this experimentation are Canada, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Mosseri emphasized the intention to “depressurize Instagram“, make it less competitive, to give users more space to focus on connecting with the people they love, the things that inspire them. This is mostly addressed to young people. In Italy, however, there have been further changes in recent days. Several users, in fact, have begun to see again the “likes” of the posts that have obtained over 1000. We remember however that only through application for iOS and Android i like are hidden, through the web page they are still visible.
The tests in the United States, as usual, will include a limited number of users who will no longer see the count in the posts of others but will still be able to see those who get their own content.
But it’s not finish here. Instagram has also decided to reduce the stalking phenomenon via social networks by eliminating the “Following” section also in America, an area of ​​Instagram that has existed since 2011 and where it is possible to see all the activities performed by the profiles followed.

The news was announced at the American site Buzzfeed by Vishal Shah, responsible for the Instagram product, according to which the section would often be used to monitor people’s actions, which consequently did not feel free to show appreciation for the photos considered interesting. The change introduced in Italy with an update of the app a few months ago, is always starting to appear even in some American profiles.

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