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An all-Italian brand by Co.Ro Jewels which was born in Rome in 2012 by designers Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini. A brand that comes to life from the happy encounter between jewelry and architecture.
Choir. derives from the acronym of piazza del COllegio ROmano, home of the historic Capitoline high school Ennio Quirino Visconti, where the two friends started their adventure among the school desks, but at the same time is also linked to the concept of “choir” in which the designer “direct” an orchestra made up of skilled goldsmiths and artisans.The designer Costanza De Cecco e Giulia Giannini
The main technique used for the creation of jewels is lost wax, but which is sometimes alternated with innovative techniques such as 3D printing. A made in Italy that gives life to unique pieces that combine tradition and innovation of volumes, spaces and architecture of the ancient Italian goldsmith’s art, appreciated by Italian and international clients.
So on Sunday we all found ourselves in Rome near Piazza Navona on Via della Scrofa 52, inside the Co.Ro Jewels boutique to admire not only the new collection, but also to celebrate the three years of the opening.
The collection presented is called “Scenic Steps” where the constructive element is the protagonist of the scale, investigated in its aesthetic key. Thus the scale of Borromini at Palazzo Bernini, the staircase created by Franco Albini at the Palazzo Rosso and obviously the marvelous Scala di Piazza di Spagna, have become the common thread that united the creations. But inside the boutique you can also find the previous collections like “Unconventional Pearls“, a galaxy that revolves around the pearl and “Contemporary Baroque“, a journey to discover Baroque Rome in the footsteps of Maestro Francesco Borromini and his main works. Our publisher Maria Vittoria Cusumano was also present at the event.
The Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini boutique is open every day and we at MVC Magazine absolutely recommend that you drop by for a small but great gift or to do for someone.

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