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We have just left behind Christmas and New Year, but there is a last holiday, which concludes this period of dinners, parties, gifts, and it is the Epiphany.
January 6th is the real beginning of the year for everyone.
From January 6th everything starts again school, work, gym.
And we, punctual as always, are here to give you the last minute tips to fill your  Epiphany stockings.
Stop sweets, candies and chocolates, we’ve already eaten enough. We want to give you some alternative advice, some new ideas for your gifts.
This year we want to fill the stocking with real gifts, obviously tiny to make them fit inside the socks without problems.
For her…
Dear boys take a pen and paper and note these little thoughts.
Opt for jewels and bijoux if you have forgotten them at Christmas.
A make up trousse is always nice, I recommend you get advice.
A small clutch is a gift that is always useful and appreciated, your girl will flaunt it at the first party.
The 2020 agenda if she is not organized in time is really the perfect gift. Small, convenient to put in the bag and maybe with the integrated pen.
A perfume, there is nothing better than starting the year with your favorite fragrance.

Mini Profumo Dolce & Gabbana

For him…
If you missed something at Christmas, this is the time to fix it.
A leather wallet is an important gift and at the same time always very welcome. It has personality and value.
A belt if you are tired to see the same things on your man, you have the opportunity to change.
An aftershave it is right that your boy has a perfume that you especially like, so choose the one that attracts you the most.
A subscription that is football, Netflix, matches on Sky, cinema is one of the gifts that will surely appreciate more.

Cintura Giorgio Armani

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